FOOD COURT: At The Mall ( A division of Luxury Jones Enterprises ®️©️™️)

HOT FRESH FAST N' DELICIOUS. Welcome to the future of Luxury Jones. Our first step was to break down the walls of our 20 business model, which was essentially a 20 year run of a one woman show.

And now we've emerged as Luxury Jones Enterprises which is an all inclusive community of creativity and commerce. A space where artists and entrepreneurs and come together to be part of something bigger than the outdated concept of cutthroat competition and alienating individualism. At Luxury Jones Enterprises we've created an arena (/ we are laying the groundwork ) for a vehicle something like a mix of the love boat meets the sky mall. We believe in support strengthen numbers as a group we can accomplish more than we can on our own some of us have a lot of experience that we would love to pass on mentorship to those who need it and vice versa sometimes it's the little spark of the fresh young perspective that is needed. As independent designers and creative it's time for us to band strength in numbers safe creative convergence of art. friends can collaborate and support each other  something I like to think of along the lines of the love boat but in space a place expanded our minds and horizons and  created  Luxury Jones Enterprises.together to prevent any further pillaging of our brilliance by the corporations that will always exist and will always be ruthless and relentless in their honor pen practices of stealing from true one-of-a-kind original thinkers and Maker's like ourselves. This is just the beginning but it's already started and you are welcome to be a part of it please contact us for more information on how to join the enterprise.

Ok so now to the juicy news, and exciting changes with Luxury Jones, the handmade vintage recycle one of a kind cool weird art clothing brand you've come to love over these last 20 years.

 vWe are most excited announce\ unveil our baby, And our first foray into this far out inclusive diversification space in this future past love boat sky mall community we;ve built.  that the food court . Welcome to the Food Court. The Food Court is the heart of any mall just as the kitchen is the heart of every home. Everyone else to eat so everyone comes together for sustenance. Food court is a division of Luxury Jones Enterprises where we bring to you stellar vintage fines high volume great prices fast hot fresh and delicious delivered daily. It's a simpler more direct and clear way for you to get what you've always gotten from Luxury Jones in so much is vintage clothing is concerned and moving forward the one-of-a-kind handmade clothing fabric art and digital content from Luxury Jones will be housed exclusively here on our website.